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How Hearts Work!!


If you complete a Challenge or an Activity, you would be awarded 1 HEART,

when you have a total of 10 hearts,

you can cash in for a free gift from CDO or Pics for Design.


If you want to save your hearts - 50 will get you a 1 month Free Membership in the Diamond Club of CDO.

You would automatically receive 2 free tubes from them.  Great club!


I will have a total sheet each week for you to see  - HERE

Please note it you complete more then one entry for the Challenge, it will only count as 1 heart.

If you complete more then one Activity for the activity, it will only count as 1 heart.

You will also receive 2 hearts on your birthday!




Each week I will have at least 3 new Activities and/or Challenges.

So for that week if you do both of these, you would get 3 hearts. Now if you enter the challenge and WIN, you would be given 2 additional hearts

So that would be 5. One heart for Challenge or Activity and 2 if you are a winner!

All Winners will be announced on Sunday at noon (central time)


Note:If you leave the PSPX3 Group without cashing in your hearts, you lose them.