Picture Tube in PSP

Written by Lori
Owner- PSPX3


Link below to get more picture tubes to download and open to get more picture tubes to use

for this tutorial, and after to have fun with.


There are all kinds of  holiday, scenic, objects, etc to play with there.

For lots of you I'm sure this will be a new tool to play with.

Open a new window, whatever size you want to use to create your tag

Select your picture tube tool in PSP



Then select which tube you wish to use using the presets dropdown menu


You should check off the box where it says create as a new raster layer. That way you can use multiple
picture tubes and still be able to move them around and rearrange them to suite your
desired outcome.


The picture tubes previews that show multiple items in the one preset will individually
appear with each (another reason for selection as new raster layer) so
you can eliminated or rearrange the ones you want.

Note: If you use only these picture tubes to create the tag, the credits would go to Corel
with pictures tubes by Corel.


If you use an additional outside tube for the tag, the credits, as always, would go to the artist.


Have fun creating.

I used the pictures tubes - trees and clouds to create the background for my tag.

I then added the Kajenna tube, added border around the edge.
No scraps were used

This tutorial was written by Lori on October 23, 2017
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental