How to Add Copyright to Tag


Written by Bon
Moderator - PSPX3


Font- Georgia HERE
Cluster for use HERE

This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope I have made it easy for you to understand.
My cluster is in the supplies along with the font needed for this tutorials.


Create a new canvas 300x300 -have your information ready that you need to
type out.

You can type the credits in black or white or a color that matches your tags.

I chose black for this so you can see how it looks using an effect - Gradient Glow on it.



Once you have it typed out, go to Edit, Copy, Then Paste into new image (or onto your tag)

I make a smaller one so I can save it with my tubes from that artist

It will look like the image below. Close out the bigger canvas.

Copy and pate your credits on your tag.

Save the smaller one to your file with the tube you used.


Note - If your tag has a dark background where you want to place the copyrights -

Go to your Plug-Ins, Eye Candy - Gradient Glow and choose a color that will highlight your copyright - like
mine below

Now when you to back to your tag, it will look like mine below

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.


This tutorial was written by Bon on October 27, 2017
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental