How to Make a Swag Cluster


Supplies Needed:

Go to MizTeeques

Pick a scrapkit that you would like to use.

For this tutorial I am using this one

If you are using this scrapkit - follow along with the elements that I chose to make my

New Image 800x800

Open the flames
(or whatever element you chose)

Duplicate this layer

Now - Go to Image - Mirror for this duplicate layer

Then Merge those two layers for your base


Find another element that you can add to the base and build on it.

I chose to use the chain link

Resize it to fit on the flames

This is the drop shadow that you need to add to this layer

Add another element

Resize it to fit on the flames (or what you chose)

Add the same drop shadow

Choose another element (I chose the blue Rose)
I resized it 150x134

Copy and paste where you would like it

Duplicate, then move it down a bit

Add your drop shadow

The next element I chose was the Biker Sign

I resized it to 200x200

Add your drop shadow


I chose to use the wordart - Born to Ride
I resized it 450x171 and placed below the base

I added the Eye Candy - Gradient Glow Plug-in
Chose the grey color and set it at 3.00

Now you can merge visible and add a mask of your choice.

My finished tag is below

This tutorial was written by BooKat on October 29, 2017
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental
Property of PSPX3 Group

Header artwork ©Arthur Crowe