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We have weekly Challenges and Activities.  If you love PSP, you will love our group. You can Join



Be aware that we are a copyright compliant group. So anything you create needs to have correct copyright on it.


If you join you are under no obligation to do all the challenges.


The Owners - Laine and Lori

Moderators - Cathy and Bon




PSPX3 Hearts


We have weekly Challenges and Activities. Our group is unique - when you complete a challenge or activity, you earn a Heart. When you have collected 10 hearts, you will receive a gift from one of the pay to use companies.


You can always check out your totals HERE.You  can save up your Hearts and when you have 50 -

you can cash them in for a month Diamond Club at CDO.

Or you can cash in for gifts at PFD or CDO.


Check out the activities/challenges this week that will earn you hearts



Check out the Winners ForThis Week











Check out our tutorials that were written by our owners and moderators.If you want to refresh some of your PSP skills - like how to do Curved Text, Add AnimationCheck them out











We have some very talented

members that have their own blogs or websites.You can find tutorials, free clusters, templates..Anything related to PSP.


Check them out